Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Wet and Wonderful Halloween in Sattler, Texas

A very real certainty of getting soaked, rather than any irrational fear of ghosts or ghouls, is what kept many people around Canyon Lake from turning out for Halloween in Sattler, which ran from about 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Hundreds of people braved the damp and gloom to come out for the popular annual “Trunk or Treat” event, however, and dozens of local businesses, organizations, and individuals pitched in to make it fun and successful.

“It's a wonderful alternative to a more traditional setting in neighborhoods, since the majority of the homes in our area are so spread out,” said Comal County Commissioner Jen Crownover (Precinct 4) in a statement. “It's a great place where everyone comes together. It really is a cool evening of fellowship in our community.”

Comal County Sheriff’s Office deputies and constables were deployed along FM 2673 in Sattler to keep traffic slow and safe as trick-or-treaters made their way along the road in the driving rain, stopping to collect candy and other treats at local businesses and from people giving them out from their cars in parking lots. Umbrellas served as accessories for many costumes or were held over smaller children by parents, and clusters of people could be seen sheltering in doorways and under overhangs hoping for a break in the downpour.

“It’s hard for the kids to trick-or-treat in the neighborhoods or to go door-to-door,” said Andie Morgan, proprietor of the Bad Girlz of Texas boutique (at far right in the image here, along with Bonny Lyons, costumed as a “Harry Potter steampunker”). She had a full 80 pounds of candy on hand — including popular chocolate footballs — to pass out to children (along with parents, reporters, and anyone else who needed a treat). 

Morgan noted, however, that the weather was having an impact on turnout, and that she was seeing maybe a quarter as many trick-or-treaters as she does when the conditions are better.

“Normally that much candy does not get me to 8 o’clock, but this year it will because it’s raining,” she said.

And there were plenty of other opportunities for kids willing to deal with the trick of the weather to collect their well-deserved treats.

“Every year it’s been a tradition for us to hand out candy to the local kids,” said Perry Connel of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8573 in Sattler (at left in the image at the top right of this page). “Even when it rains the kids still come, so we stay out here!”

Edible items were not the only things being given away, and another local group used the event as an opportunity to get coats and jackets into the hands of people who needed them (right).

“Most of them are children’s jackets that we give to anyone who needs them. Whether they need one, five, it doesn’t really matter,” said James Dudley of the Saved by Grace congregation of Canyon Lake. “Halloween is kind of a dark holiday for a lot people, so it’s a good time for us to bring some light into the community.”

Dudley said that many of the jackets are provided by local schools, which provide his group with unclaimed items from their lost-and-founds, and that his group then cleans and repairs them as necessary. He said this is the sixth year that his group has given away coats at Halloween in Sattler and that they expected to distribute between 250 and 300 of them during the event.

People were also able to enjoy the Mountain Valley Middle School Hawk Band Haunted House (below), for which students and staff clearly spared no effort to transform the band hall into a creepy and scream-filled Halloween attraction — and which was all the more fun in that it was out of the rain! 

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