Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thanks to the MPS AFSC

I would normally avoid using so many acronyms in the title of a story but, because of its relation to the military, thought it was appropriate in this case ... In short, I am posting from the Armed Forces Service Center at Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport, where I am laid over for about three hours, and wanted to thank the ladies that run it for doing such a wonderful job. For anyone eligible to use USO/AFSC facilities when they are travelling, I strongly recommend it.

The one I am at right now is especially nice and graciously provides food, free Internet access, and a quiet place to work and relax (and even bunk facilities for people delayed overnight). It is an independent facility that was founded in the early 1970s by a woman whose son was killed in Vietnam and is operated completely by volunteers and private funds.

Sprawling MPS is not a bad airport in itself and, according to a press release by its management, "has been recognized as the 3rd Best Airport in the World among airports serving 25 to 40 million passengers a year. MSP also ranks as the Best Airport in North America in that size category. The recognition is based on traveler surveys conducted through Airports Council International's 2008 Airport Service Quality Awards program."

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