Sunday, March 13, 2011

Honolulu International Has Free Wi-Fi

HONOLULU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (HNL) -- Very pleased to see another airport that provides its passengers with access to a free wireless Internet connection!

Honolulu International Airport is a beautiful, recently renovated facility with nice amenities in the departure zone and convenient to the various gates; there is nothing worse than not being able to easily get a drink or something nice to eat once you have gone through security and this is one airport that is doing it right.

I am currently at the airport waiting for a Hawaiian Airlines inter-island flight from Oahu to the "Big Island" of Hawaii and the second leg of my current trip to the islands. Check recent and upcoming posts on this site for photos and information about the places I have been visiting and writing about!

Name: HNLFreeWiFi. Other airports with good free wi-fi access include Charlotte International Aiport in North Carolina and Fort Lauderdale International in Florida (although the latter had especially wretched food and beverage options).


Mirvana said...

Pittsburgh International, and Las Vegas McCarren airports also have free wifi.


Thanks, Mirvana! Those are good tips. I am planning on creating a comprehensive list at some point so that helps a lot.

larsborg said...

Sorry, no more free wifi.
I've traveled through HNL in April and May and it now costs $6.95 for 2 hours.