Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wine Tasting: Raymond Vineyards 'R Collection' Cabernet Sauvignon

Was pleased to discover and enjoyed getting to know this 2013 "Inaugural" Cabernet Sauvignon from Lot No. 3 of Raymond Vineyards' R Collection. This medium-body wine has a rich, deep, almost opaquely dark coloration and a fruit-filled palate highlighted by flavors of cherries and plums with a spicy hint of pepper (when I read the the winery's description after sampling the wine myself I noted that they specify "white pepper" and also mention the taste of rhubarb, which I am indifferent to and presumably chose not to notice). 

According to Raymond Vineyards, its R Collection is a "California appellation offering from an iconic Napa Valley producer that reflects the winery’s deep roots and pioneering spirit in California winemaking" and "offers a diverse selection of wines that showcase California’s vineyard bounty." 

My wife and I initially enjoyed this wine with pork chops and cheesy mashed potatoes and it paired nicely with both, especially the meat. I finished the bottle the following night with our dinner of spinach-and-cheese ravioli and noted that the flavors had mellowed and somewhat consolidated. I would recommend this wine in general, either on its own or as an accompaniment with food, and believe it would pair nicely either red meats or ones of any sort topped with somewhat sweet or fruity sauces. 

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